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World War 1 (in One Take) | History Bombs

  • from: cgreeson
  • uploaded: Mar 14, 2016
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A brief history of World War 1 (in One Take) by History Bombs

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The First World War was a devastating global event, redefining warfare and pulling in over one hundred countries. In this video we highlight the key figures and events that shaped 1914 - 1918.

In 1914 Europe's armed forces were ill-equipped, not only in terms of arms and manpower, but critically in coherent military strategies which would efficiently breach and secure the complex networks of trenches which came to represent the First World War. This shortfall in strategic thinking lead to a war of unimaginable attrition.

World War One reshaped the European landscape and the Treaty of Versailles attempted to strip Germany of the means to pursue any such military actions in the future. In so doing, the German people were left humiliated and bitter which fuelled the fateful rise of Adolf Hitler.

World War 1 (in One Take)
Script and Music: Chris Hobbs
Producers: Chris Hobbs & Claire O'Brien
Directors: Chris Hobbs & Ellie Rogers
Props & Costumes: Claire O'Brien
Artistic Director: Ed Gamble
DOP/Camera: Ilana Garrard (Pod Hire)
Focus Puller: Finn Margrie Jones
Lighting: Christian Leake
Pyrotechnics: Paul Heddell
Colour Grading: Tristan James

With thanks to the Great War Society and the National Army Museum.

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